Hey there!

We are Alice and Vitaly, a married couple from Russia who started an around the world journey 18 months ago. So far we have hitchhiked across Europe and Africa, and currently exploring the United States of America.

Free or low cost travelling is a modern trend: the wave of successful managers is being replaced by the wave of backpackers and all of them need inspiration and encouragement. Although our budget is roughly $5 a day for the two of us, we have decided to propel the travelling to the next level and create a full-fledged project with the definite mission. We’ve visited a lot of countries, met amazing people and had nothing but a great experience doing so.

From the beginning we believed – our crazy world is still full of kind people. Our goal is 1000 hugs in 74 countries to prove that country, nationality, religion don’t matter – we are all humans and can be friends. In every country we take a picture #Makelovenotwar – a kiss at the most recognizable landmark, inspired by the Canadian photographer Richard Lemm. We do it for piece and love in this world (you can see it here).

We write a book about this trip, create videos about every country and take lots of pictures. Since the beginning of our trip more than seven thousand people have become our followers, reading our notes and watching the videos.

We’ll be happy if you join us on our world adventures by joining our blog or any other way:


VK – https://vk.com/hellofriendproject (russian language)

Instagram https://instagram.com/hellofriend_around_the_world (both languages)

You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZxV9xx_PcJv90qnTaZgpQ (russian language)

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hellofriendproject (both languages)

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