The idea:

Russian Federation and the United States of America have rich history of their relationships, whether active cooperation or opposition. There are two huge cultures separated by the ocean and often wrong stereotypes.

What if we don’t involve politics in the relationships of two countries and look at each other from a new angle?

The answer to this question has come by means of the idea of our project:
To start morning with Russian crepes is our tradition that we followed in every of thirty countries we visited during our journey. We treated fellow travellers with Russian crepes on the coals, Russian crepes cooked at the chief-cook’s kitchen and on a stove, Russian crepes cooked at a rich villa and at a straw cabin. We are going to continue this tradition in America.

Our plan is to travel across the USA by car, telling true stories about real Russia, treating fellows with the real Russian crepes and the most important to find a brave-heart American who will come back with us to the country of snow and the spanless soul to have an epic trip across Russia!
We are going to cover more than fifteen thousand kilometres and show Russian people the real life in America, earning money to get gas, taking Atlantic breath at Cape cod, sunburning at high-plains of Kansas and searching Hank Moody on the Californian beaches.And then travel across Russia with our international team telling of Altay, Kamchatka, Karelia, Baikal, Ural and Kalmykia.


The project “Find American” is launched to create a precedent which will draw attention to it from the both of the sides of the world and give the opportunity to understand one another better.

General information:
The project is already out in the open in Russia. By means of crowdfunding we gathered the money enough for a car and the stuff necessary for our trip.
The first part of the trip will take place in the USA. We are going by car to every state, where we will make videos and regularly cover our adventures via social networks . We think that Russian traditional pancakes, called bliny (original spelling – блины) made on a stove in a car’s trunk will serve as a perfect communication trigger and base for cultural exchange. During these mini cultural events of bliny making, we want to feed the passers-by and talk to them about America.


Our main goal is to see and show the United States the way they really are, now in 2015: people and their routine without the touristic polishing. While traveling around the USA, we want to find a volunteer who will join us for the second part of the trip that will take part in Russia. We are going to explore the biggest country in the world from East to West, showing the present-day Russia, with bears playing the balalaika and drinking vodka together with the men wearing Russian ushanka hats. We are going to present the best places in Russia for nature tourism and break the stereotypes about the everlasting cold and mass aboulia. To make the presentation more objective we need to engage a volunteer, who will get the first-hand experience and share it in his blog.

To bring this project to reality some media support is necessary. We will take into consideration all the opportunities regarding the media collaboration. During the first part of the trip, we look for support on the USA territory. The formats may vary – series of sketches or interviews ‘The USA as the Russians see them’, or videos ‘Looking for new places in the USA’. We are still working on the potential topics, and will be set as soon as we arrive to the United States in October, 2015.

What is even more important, the media support would massively help in terms of looking for a volunteer that will go to Russia with us. There are plenty of various stereotypes about Russia, some of them are true, some not. What we are longing for – is to show the true Russia. That is why we are organizing this trip to the far-away provinces and the biggest cities. The volunteer (or the whole team of volunteers), in his turn, will get a chance to broadcast his experience. Ideally, we think about someone with a journalistic background, but this is not the main requirement.

There are different ways to find volunteers. For example, an essay / sketch contest with a topic related to Russia. This will provide an opportunity to select the candidates interested in Russia and gifted in creative writing. As we need to organize a mass selection, we call for help from a prominent media company to promote the contest. In this case, the candidates could send their works to the editor’s office for consideration. As an aftermath of the collaboration, the chosen volunteer could publish his sketches about Russia on the regular basis in your paper (personal column format). We would be also happy to welcome one of your employees as our trip mate in Russia.
Besides, we always make videos about our adventures, and this trip will not be an exception. For the coming stage of the project, we are planning to engage with professional camera operators and create a TV show involving prominent partners and sponsors.

We’ve launched this project to make Russian and American cultures clearer and closer to one another. To show free America and new, developing Russia. To use this journey as an instrument. We genuinely believe that even one person can change global stereotypes and surprise the world no matter if it’s just a funny cooking idea about the friendship.